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The Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Pediatric Dentistry has a need for philanthropic support. Donations allow the chair and program director the flexibility to provide for the department where state funds fall short, especially during times of budget cutbacks. The effect of your gift is limitless; your donation will maintain the excellence of our students, faculty, research programs, community service and patient care within the department.

Pediatric Dentistry Annual Fund

The Pediatric Dentistry Annual Fund provides unrestricted support to all areas of the department. Your commitment to this fund will strengthen the department helping in areas where the need is the greatest. Unrestricted gifts provide the flexibility to address immediate needs and unbudgeted opportunities.

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Faculty Excellence in Pediatric Dentistry Fund

In 2006, the VCU Department of Pediatric Dentistry established the fund to recognize faculty members for their academic achievements. The Nunnally Charitable Lead Trust was the fund’s founding donor with an initial gift of $250,000.

portion of the fund is awarded annually to a fulltime faculty member in the Department of Pediatric Dentistry who has significantly advanced the mission of the VCU Department of Pediatric Dentistry in improving the oral health of children.

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Pediatric Dentistry Residents Endowment

The Pediatric Dentistry Residents Endowment was initiated by Arthur Mourino, professor emeritus in the VCU School of Dentistry. Virginia's pediatric dentists, School of Dentistry alumni and friends of the school generously matched Mourino's original pledge.

Mourino created the fund to help bolster VCU's School of Dentistry Pediatric Residency Program and make it more competitive. The fund provides critical resources for residents, such as educational materials, research support, enhanced stipends, attendance at regional and national conferences and sponsorship of lectures or continuing education courses by renowned speakers.

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