Board of Advisors

The Department of Pediatric Dentistry's Board of Advisors was created as an advisory group of select alumni and friends to work closely with the department to connect with key constituents for the advancement of the department's mission and vision. They serve as ambassadors on behalf of the department, facilitate and assist in areas of personal and professional expertise and provide advocacy and understanding of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry to fellow alumni and community foundations.


  • Dr. Randy Adams
  • Dr. Guarav Agarwal
  • Dr. Carl Atkins
  • Dr. Mitch Avent
  • Dr. Townsend Brown
  • Dr. Martha Dawson
  • Dr. Jennifer Dixon
  • Dr. Frank Farrington
  • Dr. John Flowers
  • Dr. Missy Gibson
  • Dr. Meera Gokli
  • Dr. Rana Graham-Montague
  • Dr. Buddy Hollowell
  • Dr. Kimberly Jones
  • Dr. James Keeton
  • Dr. Robert Kendig
  • Dr. Holly Lewis
  • Dr. Art Mourino
  • Dr. Barrett Peters
  • Dr. Joy Phelps
  • Dr. Pam Regimbal
  • Dr. Jane Soxman
  • Dr. Roger Wood