About us

Pediatric patient

The vision of the VCU Department of Pediatric Dentistry is unique - we focus on the oral health of the growing and developing child and how oral health impacts the overall health of the individual. Many of our nationally recognized faculty have subspecialty interests such as early childhood caries, pulpal therapy, clinical care delivery, behavior management, education, and epidemiology. These interests lend a multidisciplinary approach to prepare our students and residents for a rapidly evolving health care environment.

The VCU Department of Pediatric Dentistry is committed to clinical excellence, innovative educational initiatives and forging ahead with translational research. Please explore our clinical delivery system for healthy and medically complex children, our educational team based training philosophy and our research accomplishments in the last several years.

Hopefully this brief introduction has captivated your interest and you will seek further information into the many exciting activities at the VCU Department of Pediatric Dentistry. Please explore our website and see why we are proud of our department faculty, residents, students, staff and alumni.