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The VCU Department of Pediatric Dentistry offers a one-week extern program in pediatric dentistry. The program is designed for those highly motivated students who plan to make application to a pediatric dental residency and who seek more intensive exposure to the specialty beyond what is traditionally incorporated in undergraduate dental education.

Externs will be able to observe basic pediatric dental procedures in the outpatient clinic as well as more advanced clinical procedures performed by pediatric dental specialists. Externs will be exposed to the full scope of pediatric dental surgery including spending ample time in the operating room, as well as observing the on-call resident with emergency room and ward care procedures. Participants make daily hospital rounds and attend all resident educational seminars and conferences. In addition, the extern is exposed to the practice of infant oral health prevention, behavior management, pain control, including outpatient general anesthesia as well as the techniques used for oral conscious sedation.

The Pediatric Dental Extern program is offered (June through early August) for students who are at the end of their third year of dental school. In accepting this elective program, the student acknowledges that the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry and VCU Health System’s MCV Hospitals assume no responsibility for the cost of travel, other living expenses, health care or personal liability during the elective extern program. In addition, the student’s sponsoring institution agrees to accept the responsibility for all professional liability. If this is not the liability policy of your institution, the student must furnish evidence of personal professional liability before beginning the program. Externs are required to provide their own health insurance. In the event of illness or personal injury (including injury from needles and/or surgical instruments), care will be provided in the hospital emergency department and costs will be billed to the student or their insurance carrier.

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